Frequently Asked Questions.


How long will it takes before I get a response from a printer?
It depends on a number of factors, but usually you should hear from someone in the next few days.

How many printers will get my quote request?
At this time there are about 140 printing facilities in our directory. More are joining the group every week.

What is the territory you cover?
Printer Seeker forward quote requests in CANADA and USA only at this time.

How can I see where my quote request has been sent?
It is not possible to see where your quote request has been sent. All quote requests are forwarded to every printer in our database, and those working in the type of work you described will contact you.

I'd love to get your list of printers and send them my resume for work. Can you help?
Sorry, but this is not Printer Seeker's purpose. And the list of printers in our database cannot be obtained. You will need to use Google.

Is Printer Seeker associated with a printer?
No, this site is not associated with any printer, and is the initiative from an individual. More on this here.

I really love this service! Any way I can help?
Thank you! The service is totally free, but financial support is always welcome. If you're up to it, you can use one of the following support subscription plans! | Monthly Support Plans


I am getting quote requests from people at the other side of the country. Can I get only quote requests from my state?
All quote requests are sent to everyone in the list because many printers are doing business across the country, owning several facilities. There are also customers needing to print goods that are to be delivered to a warehouse located somewhere else in the country. A New York publisher may need a printer in California! The easiest way to cover these situations is to forward all requests to everyone, and let printers decide if they want to follow up on the request or not.

Your form is not complete enough to provide a precise pricing on quote requests. Can you make it more detailed?
The goal of Printer Seeker form is mainly to connect customers with printers based on basic job details. Our online form's purpose is to collect those basic details from an audience that is not used to work with printers every day. Asking very technical stuff right in the beginning could be intimidating for a potential client! Based on the basic information collected by Printer Seeker, simply follow up (or not) and inquire for further details.

Am I obligated to respond to every customer you forward me?

No you're not. You touch base with the publisher if you think you can be competitive, based on the information of the request.

Do you ask for a cut on the deals we do with publishers?
No. Printer Seeker is totally free, and does not ask for a commission or referral compensation. Once a publisher's quote request has been forwarded to the printers, all discussions are done between the publisher and the printer alone.

Do you offer any guarantee the publisher you refer is serious in business?
Printer Seeker does not filter any customer, and is not involved in the business process once the publisher and the printer work together. Printer Seeker can not be held responsible for any bad business that may occur. We only forward quote requests!

How do I join the distribution list? How do I leave it?
The list is managed by a human, just send an email via the web form.

Won't I get spam if I join your list of printers?
Printer Seeker is doing everything possible to avoid spam. Every quote request is approved by human before being sent to the group. And printers can leave the group at any time if they chose to.

I have promotions to offer. Can I have a banner ad for my business on your website?
Yes you can. Banner ads are managed via Project Wonderful, where you have total control, you can also monitor precise metrics and performance of your ads. You can also chose to display your banners only to US customers if you want, while not paying for foreign visitors. Project Wonderful is bid-based, so advertisers always pay the lower price possible, based on demand. Note that your banner ads will spread across all the domains of Printer Seeker's parent company, Black Flag Pictures inc. Links, traffic and page views are displayed on your Project Wonderful advertiser page.

I'm getting lots of work thru Printer Seeker and I want to thank you. How can I do it?
Great news that you have lots of work via Printer Seeker! The service is totally free, but financial support is always welcome. If you're up to it, you can use one of the following support subscription plans. | Monthly Support Plans