About Printer Seeker.
The man behind Printer Seeker is Sv Bell, an illustrator and comic book artist based in Montreal, Canada. «Working as a designer for over three decades, looking for print quotes is a task that's critical yet very time consuming. Projects are all so different! In order to get quotes from various companies at once, I thought I'd create this small, very basic web-based tool that would automate the process.»

Printers, join the family!
Please contact us now to be added to the group! There are no cost, and whenever a customer use Printer Seeker for a quote, you will receive an e-mail with the specs of the project. From there, you can contact directly the client with a quote or for asking about more details. Simple as that. Printer Seeker connects customers with printing facilities and does not stand between the two parties. No gimmicks, no mumbo jumbo.

Types of print work.
Printer Seeker covers mainly offset printing, low run print-on-demand, large print, banner displays, rollup stands...

Printer Seeker is 100% free, however...
It is totally free to join and use this tool. Printer Seeker does not charge a fee to connect customers with printers. However, the site is managed by a human, and moderators ensure that all quote requests forwarded to printers are spam free. if you're doing good business using this free tool, we definitely welcome Paypal donations. Use this page for one-time donations, or better yet, select one of the following plans: | Monthly Support Plans

Banner Ads on
If you are interested in having your banners displayed on the pages of Printer Seeker, you can do so. The advertising system runs under Project Wonderful and is bid-based. Your banner ads will display on Printer Seeker's pages and also across all Black Flag Pictures cluster of websites, reaching thousands of artists, publishers, books and comics fans. Ad spaces are also available in most comic books by Sv Bell, published in print only. Email us for details.

Upload your banners via Project Wonderful.

Disclaimer. does not endorse any printer or any publisher. Quote requests sent to Printer Seeker are forwarded equally, unaltered, by e-mail to all the printers in our database, and cannot be held responsible for a possible bad business done between the parties. This website is free to use for everyone. The printers list contained in our database cannot be obtained, and is not sold to any person or company. Printers are not obligated to respond to a quote request from a publisher. The ads displaying on website are paid ads, and do not represent a form of endorsement by Printer Seeker.